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Drowned in a Stream of Prescriptions

“You keep giving Adderall to my son, you’re going to kill him.” I was taken aback as I read this line of the article when Richard’s father implored the doctor to stop prescribing his son Adderall. This article recounts a real life story of Richard Fee, who was prescribed to Adderall after being confirmed from suffering ADHD through a short diagnostic questionnaire. He was soon addicted to the stimulant pill and relied on it intensely for academic achievements. The taking of the daily amphetamines deteriorated both of his mental and physical health conditions and led to his suicide eventually .

This article brings out the issue which many young adults in America nowadays are suffering from ADHD and the addiction to stimulant prescriptions such as Adderall. There is a rising trend of youths who fake symptoms to obtain regular prescriptions of these addictive medications so as to enhance their performance in academic areas. However, these medications can carry severe psychological dangers if it is not well-monitored by a doctor.  This situation is further aggravated by a segment of irresponsible doctors who skip diagnostic procedures and renew prescriptions reflexively for their patients.

As the society is becoming more competitive, many youngsters who are under stress turn towards stimulant pills to help them to better cope with their work. The stimulant pills provided them with the needed concentration and energy for the long hours. However, they often consume these medications without the full understanding of its harmful effects. It is worrying that this situation is widely prevalent in America and the number of the victims is still on the rise. They often do not take into the consideration that the short term gain such as scoring well in a quiz can be a potential health threat that may result in lifelong impacts.

It is shocking to me that there are so many people of the similar age as me being pushed to such extremities just to achieve better performance. It is an act that lacks in consideration and I strongly disprove those who feign symptoms to get the prescriptions. In my opinion, the government should have taken some tough actions such as enforcing laws to ensure that all medical institutions perform thorough diagnosis and limit the amount of stimulant pills which a doctor can prescribe over a specific period of time to stop the issue from exacerbating.

Relating this to Singapore, the situation is somewhat similar. Singapore is highly competitive as it is based on meritocracy. Although there isn’t many inclination towards consuming stimulant pills for better performance, majority rely on the daily intake of caffeine and energy drinks to boost their concentration and energy levels. In long-term wise, a moderation intake for such products could be beneficial, however, an excessive consumption would lead to health problems. It is crucial that our health are not neglected in the process of attaining our goals. Even though achievements may give us momentary satisfaction, but a healthy body would provide a lifetime of happiness.


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